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Android Income Report

Android income report #4 (March 2012)

Here are the numbers for March 2012. As I said in my last post, the my time to develop android apps have been limited, so I haven’t done any updates whatsoever. But I did get my second admob paycheck in March, which I intend to use on burgers or some small gadgets. So, the income [...]

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Android Income Report

Android income report #3 (February 2012)

Lot of stuff happening at moment, so I don’t have time to play with Android development as mush as I want to. However, I’m going to present by income numbers for February 2012. The month has been both exciting and disappointing. The good part was that “Stop the bomb” was at #28 in Brain category [...]

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My very first paycheck for Android development (from Admob)

Finally, the “big” moment I have been waiting for. After starting with Android development in end of last year, I released two Christmas Calendar apps just before December 2011. These were ad supported, and I used solely AdMob. On that month, I made ~$83! That was so much more than I expected. AdMob has now [...]

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Why Greystripe ads not performed like expected last month

A quick note for those just started out with Greystripe ad network. In my last post, I complained a bit about that Greystripe ads didn’t go as expected. After reading in other forums that Greystripe did far better than what I experienced, I needed to solve this mystery. I immediately thought of the approval of my [...]

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Android Income Report

Android income report 2 for January 2012

This is post number 2 in the Android income report series.  Read the whole Android income report series, if you haven’t already. This month started with the release of my new game called “Stop the Bomb – Memory game“.  My Christmas apps got “out-of-date” as well, even though they made a nice amount of money in [...]

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How to: Issues using Proguard with ad networks like Mobclix and Greystripe

OK, the short answer is, start reading the friggin’ manual. Which of course I wasn’t that good at. In my new app, I’m experimenting with Mobclix as well as Greystripe. Running the application locally seemed to work fine, but when I exported it, with Proguard enabled, both Mobclix and Greystripe failed to show any ads [...]

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Winners of the Android Marketing e-book giveaway

Finally, the moment you all have been waiting for! Last week, I promised 5 free copies of the great Android marketing book from Jay Van Buiten called “Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich by Outsmarting the Android Market“. As there were more than 5 participants, I had to do a draw. I’m happy to annouce the winners: [...]

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Free e-book: “Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich by Outsmarting the Android Market”

This cool Android guy, Jay Van Buiten, has written a solid book about Android marketing called “Genius Android Marketing: Get Rich by Outsmarting the Android Market“.  I’ve gone through the book, and it seems to be a really good marketing  book with lot of practical and right-to-the-point tips and ideas. So I’ve asked him couple of [...]

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New free game released: Stop the Bomb – Memory Game

So, I’m working on (mainly on the evenings) to reach my goals for 2012. One of the main goals were to release three apps. So the 1 of 3 apps for 2012 is now released, and it is called Stop the Bomb Memory Game. As the name suggests, it is a simple and fun memory [...]

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Why did I start developing for Android instead of iOS (iPhone)?

I got couple of friends (nOOber than me!) who asked me what the reasons were for choosing to develop on the Android platform rather than iOS (Apple). I thought this was a good questions, especially if you are interested in starting out with mobile development and cannot decide which platform you should give the first chance. [...]

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